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Our Board of Trustees

Chad Brown, Chairperson

Neisha Grubaugh, Vice Chairperson

Anna Wollenburg, Secretary

Sean Grady

D. Rick Lanthorn

Patrick Lebold

Medha Sutliff

Dr. Trevor Thomas

Randy Thorp


The Public Health Partnership of Licking County, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting local programs addressing; breast cancer, health and wellness, safety, and other public health issues. PHP is dedicated to improving the health of Licking County’s 180,000 residents.


The Partnership strives to ensure, through community participation, a clean and healthy environment, quality public health services, education for a healthy lifestyle, public safety, and community assessments to meet the needs of Licking County’s residents.


The Partnership shares the vision of the Licking County Health Department:

Healthy People Living in Healthy Communities.


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